A Day at the Farmers Market

Not too long ago, I had an idea. After attending my fair share of local Farmers Markets, I began to take notice of the venues. While they were all equally in excellent locations, they seemed to lack one thing I'm quite fond of in the winter — a heat source. So, I decided to enlist my mom for a bit of help.

Mom runs the Parks Brothers Farm Retail Store. The Retail Store is equipped with tables for vendors, parking for customers, and, most importantly, heat! It was the perfect location to set up a winter's Farmer Market.

For those of you that have yet to visit your local Farmer's Market, allow me to give you the 411. Farmers Markets are a wonderful way for local vendors to buy, sale, trade, and interact with the general public in their communities. But the real gem is what the customer, aka you, can take away from the market. Fresh veggies, fresh eggs, unique crafts, delicious baked goods, handmade soaps, flowers, jams, and oh so much more can all be obtained at your local market. It's practically a one-stop-shop. And it's fun!

Today, we had fresh eggs, fresh kale, bunnies and greens. I can't wait to see what we have next Saturday.

If you'd like to come out and see us, we're open every Saturday from 9am til noon, from now until March. Parks Brothers is located at 6733 Parks Road in Van Buren, AR. And if you're interested in setting up as a vendor at the market, send us a message. We'd be happy to help you!