Cooking up a mess of Greens

All of my life, I have been told to eat my greens.  The thing is, they were always mustard and turnip greens, usually cooked by my granny, boiled down to mush and very bitter. Back then, we had never heard of baby leaf lettuce or kale, just iceberg lettuce and greens from our fall garden. Yet, some of my favorite fall plants to grow for Peace Farm Organics are the various varieties of Mustard. They are easy to grow and always so colorful. This year, I actually had time to plant some in my garden, and now I get to enjoy them for myself.

These are just the perfect size.  I like to cook them with bacon, but I also like to saute them with garlic and oil or butter.  

I cook the bacon first and remove it from the skillet. Then, I drop the greens right into the oil and stir around to coat. Next, I add 1/4 cup of water and cover to let it steam for just a couple of minutes. Finally, I throw on some salt and pepper, and they are ready to serve.  

So tasty and not the least bit bitter!

Enjoy!  --Leigh Ann


LeighAnn ParksComment